Why I Use Paper.Li


You may have noticed on my Twitter (@yveniaB) that I have posts linking to the yvenia DesignCom Daily site. This page was actually developed and powered through Paper.Li, a content curator platform that can help you create an online newspaper, generating news resources and social media posts that are of interest to you and to your audience.

After some research, I decided to use Paper.li to gather all my favorite design and marcom news feeds into one page. This page replaces the weekly “Links to See” posts that I have done in the past — which can be time consuming. This new format is daily (the site also has the option to do a weekly paper or morning/nightly version) and is presented in a visually pleasing layout. Plus, another benefit is I don’t need to search my Twitter feeds to  do a weekly post. Paper.Li can do that task for me.

In addition, you can customize your Paper.Li site to consistently match your brand, i.e. colors and fonts. You can register for a free account, but you would have limited options. If you want to fully customize your news site, such as your own domain or monetize your site through advertising, you can also upgrade to a Pro account for only $9/month — I’m planning to do that soon.

The downside is that WordPress doesn’t accept the Paper.li widget due to security issues and doesn’t accept JavaScript. I even originally wanted to link the newspaper from the main tab section on the homepage, but just to make it easier for myself, I added the site as a top menu link.

To subscribe to my Paper.Li site, please follow my Twitter or go directly to paper.li/yveniaB/1378252230.

2 Comments on “Why I Use Paper.Li”

    • Hi Crystal! Thanks for reading. Paper.Li is a very good news tool and helps gather social content whether on a daily or weekly basis. It’s a good time saver too.

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