Graphic Design TBT – Network Social Flyer

yveniaSM_SocialFlyer05Here’s a little random #TBT (“Throwback Thursday”) for you – graphic design style. I found this in one of my old design files. I did this back in 2005 for a friend of mine who wanted to promote a social mixer/networking event in Hoboken, NJ. It was designed in Illustrator using a fun and funky-looking font (don’t even remember the name of it!). This was one of my first paid design jobs (probably got paid under $50, but it was good for drinks at the mixer) and it was designed last minute.

Looking back, I probably would have added something more — maybe play around with the layout more, add a stock photo of people chatting it up over some cocktails, or redesign it with highly graphic imagery that you would usually see in club promotional flyers. Despite my own feedback, I have no shame in showing this (I wouldn’t have posted this if I was!). This definitely shows how far I have come as a designer.

What do you guys think? Any one like to share their “throwback” designs?

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