Design TBT: Web Page Makeover

Here’s a TBT post for you – web design style!


Back in 2011, one of my goals at my corporate job was to redesign an internal portal page promoting Emerald Connect, the company’s approved website platform for field sales advisors who want to promote their financial services online. It was a huge project to redesign this page due to the comprehensive information and outdated look. Plus, at the time, the company changed web content management systems, so a redesign was required. The redesigned site was created in Vignette (now Open Text).

BEFORE: Other than the outdated design interface and drab color scheme, the navigation was also cumbersome.

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AFTER: With the use of tab structure and dropdown boxes, these features helped breakdown large amounts of copy and keep information more organized. Plus, it also keeps content in one page instead of going to a separate page for more information.

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TBT – Summertime Realty Brochure

A very late TBT. It’s always interesting what you find while cleaning out some files! This was a design school project around 11-12 years ago – a small brochure for a fictitious real estate agency in Hawaii. This is not something I would add to my official portfolio, but it’s always good to reminisce about some of the things that I have designed when I first started out.

I do have to say, I wish I was in Hawaii right now!

TBT – Black and White Designs from the Past

Here’s a little TBT – graphic design style. I was cleaning up my studio and I found some black and white pieces that I have done about 10 years ago. It definitely shows a progression from what I have done in the past to what I do right now.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

This piece below is one of my first corporate design jobs from a previous employer, Formosa Plastics. It’s a commemorative ad congratulating a customer’s anniversary. This was actually laid out in Quark (remember that?). It’s a simple black and white ad that was published on the customer’s program book.

These next few pieces were part of a class assignment. At that time, I went back to school to enhance my Adobe Creative Suite skills, particularly Illustrator. For this assignment, I designed a retro-style logo and business card for a fictitious movie theatre that shows classic films. Looking back, I should’ve changed the stair-like background from gradient to a solid color, but I took a risk.

To see my most recent design work, please go to my portfolio.

Graphic Design TBT – Network Social Flyer

yveniaSM_SocialFlyer05Here’s a little random #TBT (“Throwback Thursday”) for you – graphic design style. I found this in one of my old design files. I did this back in 2005 for a friend of mine who wanted to promote a social mixer/networking event in Hoboken, NJ. It was designed in Illustrator using a fun and funky-looking font (don’t even remember the name of it!). This was one of my first paid design jobs (probably got paid under $50, but it was good for drinks at the mixer) and it was designed last minute.

Looking back, I probably would have added something more — maybe play around with the layout more, add a stock photo of people chatting it up over some cocktails, or redesign it with highly graphic imagery that you would usually see in club promotional flyers. Despite my own feedback, I have no shame in showing this (I wouldn’t have posted this if I was!). This definitely shows how far I have come as a designer.

What do you guys think? Any one like to share their “throwback” designs?