TBT – Summertime Realty Brochure

A very late TBT. It’s always interesting what you find while cleaning out some files! This was a design school project around 11-12 years ago – a small brochure for a fictitious real estate agency in Hawaii. This is not something I would add to my official portfolio, but it’s always good to reminisce about some of the things that I have designed when I first started out.

I do have to say, I wish I was in Hawaii right now!

Design Inspiration – Japanese Toys Exhibition at SFO Airport

I’m here in San Francisco on vacation for a wedding. It’s my first time here in this city so I’m very excited to explore the place.

Once I arrived at the SFO airport, the place has a museum while walking towards baggage claim. Wanted to show you quickly the Japanese Toys exhibition here. An array of posters featuring Speed Racer, Godzilla and other Japanese animation. Very nostalgic!

Graphic Design TBT – Network Social Flyer

yveniaSM_SocialFlyer05Here’s a little random #TBT (“Throwback Thursday”) for you – graphic design style. I found this in one of my old design files. I did this back in 2005 for a friend of mine who wanted to promote a social mixer/networking event in Hoboken, NJ. It was designed in Illustrator using a fun and funky-looking font (don’t even remember the name of it!). This was one of my first paid design jobs (probably got paid under $50, but it was good for drinks at the mixer) and it was designed last minute.

Looking back, I probably would have added something more — maybe play around with the layout more, add a stock photo of people chatting it up over some cocktails, or redesign it with highly graphic imagery that you would usually see in club promotional flyers. Despite my own feedback, I have no shame in showing this (I wouldn’t have posted this if I was!). This definitely shows how far I have come as a designer.

What do you guys think? Any one like to share their “throwback” designs?