Design PINspiration: Home Office Ideas

One of the things that I want to do with my one-bedroom condo is to redecorate my bedroom/home office. I want to create an area where I can sleep peacefully, while at the same time, generate creativity and establish a more efficient work environment. Unfortunately, my home office looks like a storm just hit it (see below)! So much clutter, so much junk. Plus, needs more lighting and feels uninspiring.

Even my iPhone can't lighten up my home office photo!

Even my iPhone can’t lighten up my home studio photo!

I can’t believe that I’m actually showing my horrible office. Embarrassing, I know. It really doesn’t look like an area that a graphic designer/business owner would work in.

Redecorating my home office (as well as my entire bedroom) is one of my personal projects in 2014. To start off, I found some ideas on Pinterest that really help inspire my dream office. Here are a few images I like because the long table gives an illusion of a larger space (however, on the first photo, pink is not my color when it comes to home decorating). In addition, I need a new filing system, inspiring imagery and other decorative elements so that I can reorganize myself and showcase my work. You can also check out other ideas I found in Pinterest:

Photo from

Photo from

Photo by iBrandStudio.

Photo by iBrandStudio.

Photo by

Photo by

I will update you with an “After” photo once everything is complete. For now, I’m looking for more decorating ideas. If you have any ideas or if you have a home office/studio that you are proud to show off, please comment below.

2 Comments on “Design PINspiration: Home Office Ideas”

  1. We are working on our office too. I’ve been collecting ideas in Pinterest too. Let’s connect – I have an “Office” board.

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