Portfolio Update – Logo Concepts for Conference

The communications organization that I’m part of originally wanted to host a conference for communications professionals this fall in New Jersey, but have decided to delay the event until next year. I usually provide final designs in my portfolio, but in this particular case, I decided to post some design concepts for a logo that’s NOT going to be used. Click on the image below to view a couple of concepts that I have designed for the non-event.


So, What’s Your Job Title?

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This topic has been in my mind for awhile because I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. My little dilemma (if you call it that) is based on The Creative Group’s recent post on modern creative job titles.

Whenever I go meet people in professional networking or social events, the first question they would always ask is “So, what do you do?” What’s my answer? I tell them that I’m a “graphic design and communications consultant.” However, in my mind, am I really? Does this job title accurately represent the work I do?

In my experience, I always feel that I’m more than just a graphic designer. Other than having an art school background who’s very familiar with Adobe Creative Suite, my career has progressed to writing, editing, communications strategy, web content management, email marketing, blogging, social media management (at least for my own social media platforms) as well as budding freelancer and entrepreneur.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all. I feel that having an additional skill set makes you more marketable to potential employers or clients, especially that technology is exponentially increasing and businesses are looking for more than just a hands-on designer.

My only complaint is…what exactly do I call myself? Do I call myself a either a “graphic design and communications consultant” or “creative services professional” since I do more than just design? Should I use my given corporate job title as “Marketing Communications Consultant” even though it sounds too broad, or something else that’s more specific? Maybe I’m overthinking this whole issue and need some sleep (it’s 1:30 am ET in the morning)?

So I have to ask, what’s your job title? Do you make up a fancy job title based on your skills? If so, what is it? I would love to hear your ideas. 🙂

Design PINspiration: Home Office Ideas

One of the things that I want to do with my one-bedroom condo is to redecorate my bedroom/home office. I want to create an area where I can sleep peacefully, while at the same time, generate creativity and establish a more efficient work environment. Unfortunately, my home office looks like a storm just hit it (see below)! So much clutter, so much junk. Plus, needs more lighting and feels uninspiring.

Even my iPhone can't lighten up my home office photo!
Even my iPhone can’t lighten up my home studio photo!

I can’t believe that I’m actually showing my horrible office. Embarrassing, I know. It really doesn’t look like an area that a graphic designer/business owner would work in.

Redecorating my home office (as well as my entire bedroom) is one of my personal projects in 2014. To start off, I found some ideas on Pinterest that really help inspire my dream office. Here are a few images I like because the long table gives an illusion of a larger space (however, on the first photo, pink is not my color when it comes to home decorating). In addition, I need a new filing system, inspiring imagery and other decorative elements so that I can reorganize myself and showcase my work. You can also check out other ideas I found in Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/yvenia/condo-ideas/

Photo from Houzz.com
Photo from Houzz.com
Photo by iBrandStudio.
Photo by iBrandStudio.
Photo by cdn.home-designing.com.
Photo by cdn.home-designing.com.

I will update you with an “After” photo once everything is complete. For now, I’m looking for more decorating ideas. If you have any ideas or if you have a home office/studio that you are proud to show off, please comment below.

Portfolio Update: Custom Debutante Invitation


Project: Custom 18th Birthday Debutante Invitation and RSVP Card
Printing courtesy of Cards & Pockets

Designed an 18th birthday party invitation, which is a debutante ball to be held in New York. I’ve used Cards & Pockets for their printing services before for a wedding invitation that I designed and I can’t say enough positive accolades for this company.

Please click on each image below for a larger view.

Folded Invitation
Folded Invitation
Invitation and RSVP card together
Invitation and RSVP card

yveniaWeb Solutions – A Web Design and Online Marketing Partnership

Websites are designed by yveniaWeb’s design team.

As a graphic designer, I usually work independently and efficiently in designing pieces that can help market and promote your business, organization or event. My portfolio mostly consists of print marketing collateral, web assets (web banners and other graphics) and other custom design pieces.

In terms of web design, I can build and design web pages using a content management system, such as Dreamweaver, WordPress, Vignette and SharePoint. However, I am still learning and understanding the web programming aspect in building a website from scratch, such as JavaScript. With a full-time job, building a business on the side, being a co-president of a professional organization, as well as finding room for some social time, even graphic designers need some help.

This is why I have partnered with maWebCenters®, an innovative Internet marketing company specializing in business website design, eCommerce and hosting services. yveniaWeb Solutions offers an online marketing strategy, as well as web design services, for small businesses, start-ups and other organizations who want to build their web presence. Our business also includes an award-winning Customer Service team and a group of talented web designers who can help your business with unlimited support for your website and other questions you may have.

Click here to learn more about yveniaWeb Solutions. If you want to see a demo of our web design and marketing solution, please contact me for an appointment.

yvenia introduces Design Kits

Looking for graphic design services that fits your budget? yvenia Design & Communications introduces various design “kits” for individuals, businesses and organizations. To learn more about the various kits available, go to the yvenia Design Kits page under the Services tab.

For a graphic design quote or if you have any questions, contact yvenia.

Build Your Career and Network through Professional Organizations

Last night, I went to a networking event hosted by NJ MarCom, a community of professionals in communications, marketing, advertising, creative and related fields within New Jersey. I was not only there to represent the organization I’m currently in (AWCNJ is a partner organization), but to also expand my network, promote my design and communications business, and see what other organizations that I would like to join.

Being a member of a professional organization is more than just networking and happy hour (even though they are always fun!). You get to learn from other professionals on how they become successful in their own careers, view any job opportunities that are out there, promote your business, and take part in any educational events that can help you grow and develop your skills.

Plus, organizations are always looking for volunteers interested in various roles such as event planning, marketing, communications, graphic design, membership, recruiting, and technology (i.e. web content management, social media). Volunteering can also lead to serving as a board member such as President or Vice President. Either way, having one of these fancy titles looks good on your resume, don’t you think?

So which organization is right for you? Here are some that you should look into (some of the organizations shown here originated from NJ).

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