Getting to Know Adobe Kuler

Image by Adobe

Image by Adobe

I have to admit, I’m usually late in the game when it comes to apps. It took me a few years to download Twitter before I became a Twitter-holic. I downloaded Instagram a year after it became a global phenomenon. I even downloaded Candy Crush about six months AFTER it became a huge addiction (and wasted time playing it…damn you Candy Crush!). Another app that I downloaded just two days ago is Adobe® Kuler™ (seems it’s pronounced “Color”). This app was introduced recently so I now feel up-to-date!

Anyways, the purpose of the web-based app is to customize your own color palettes from photos you took from your mobile phone (or browser) to use for design projects. When you take a picture of something that you like color-wise through your phone, the app picks 5 colors from the image and saves them as a color theme. You can customize the palette however you want – each color includes RGB sliders and a hexadecimal code for web-based projects – and sync them through Illustrator via Adobe Creative Cloud. You can also share your color palettes to the Kuler community.

Here’s a screen capture of some color palettes that I created using Kuler from my phone.

Screen capture by yvenia.

Screen capture by yvenia.

Just a heads up: You must be a member of Adobe Creative Cloud in order for you to sync the color themes to the latest version of Illustrator. If you have an older version of Illustrator, synching may not work, unless you have the time to manually create the colors yourself.

To learn more about this powerful tool, go here.

Have you used Adobe Kuler? If so, what do you think of it? Please comment below.

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