In Support of the Philippines

Instead of my usual posts on graphic design and portfolio updates, I wanted to post this for some time. As a concerned citizen, as well as a proud Filipino, I am saddened by the devastation Typhoon Haiyan has affected the Philippines. Thankfully my relatives who still live in the country are fine and were not affected by the typhoon. As much as I am relieved that my relatives are safe, the people who were affected by the typhoon are not as lucky and the Philippines is still going through recovery efforts. Instead of just contributing money to organizations, I wanted to do something a lot more that I hope can make a difference.

Image by New York Road Runners (via Basno)

Image by New York Road Runners (via Basno)

Outside of my design and communications career, I’m also a runner who ran various races, including my first marathon that I completed last month. Most of the races I have competed are for personal accomplishments, but this time it’s different. This upcoming race is very special because I’ll be running for the Philippines. I just signed up for the 5 Mile Turkey Trot on Saturday, November 30 in Westfield, NJ. My goal is to raise a minimum of $300, which the proceeds will support UNICEF for the New York Road Runners (NYRR). This minimum amount would cover at least a school-in-a-box kit and fleece blankets for children. It’s much appreciated if you can help me raise funds for this charity by clicking the DONATE button or you can create your own fundraiser through Crowdrise. Any amount you donate will help provide relief and recovery to the Philippines.

Please go to this site to learn more:

Lastly, since this is a graphic design blog, I found a couple of design-related sites that presented inspirational work from artists who volunteered their time in assisting relief efforts. These designs can also help raise money in support of the Philippines.

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