Feeling Discouraged, But Still Determined

Just a few days ago, I had a cyst removed from my jaw after delaying the surgery for quite awhile. From what the oral surgeon told me, the cyst was about the size of a half-dollar coin (roughly 1-inch — that’s a big one!). I’m going to a follow- up appointment in the next couple of weeks to determine what type of cyst it was and what type of treatment I need. Right now, my jaw is still swollen and has some numbness on my lower left lip and chin.

I’ve been advised by my family members that I need to lay low on the half-marathon training because I still have stitches in my jaw. Despite the fact that the doctor didn’t tell me if I can work out or not (and I was still knocked-up from the general anesthesia that day), I ended up doing a power-walk/light jog yesterday for about 3-miles. Not a lot, but at least I took advantage of the mild 50-degree weather.   For every half-mile, I walked then jogged to see if the movements aggravate the stitches. Luckily, my jaw felt fine.

This week I will continue a light jog for 3-4 days. The Miles for Music 20K race is on March 11 and I don’t want this little setback deter my progress.

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