Updates: Web Design, Digital Assets and More

Here are the latest updates on New Section: Web Design and Assets I added a new page for some previous web design work that I have done. New Design Pieces Added Campaigns: Master Your Money, Accelerate Your Success Digital Banners Cards & Invites: Flyer for Oh What A Night! A Musical Tribute to Frankie […]

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A Design Spin of My 2015 Best Nine Instagram 

In celebration of the upcoming new year, Instagram asked users to share their best nine Instagram posts in 2015 while adding the hashtag, #2015BestNineInstagram. I decided to put my own little spin for this hashtag by showcasing some of the designs I did in 2015. Check it out here (#2015BestNineGraphicDesign)

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Visual Content Marketing Tips Using Pinterest and Instagram

I recently attended a very informative webinar hosted by Piqora, a California-based company specializing in marketing and analytics for visual, interest-based networks like Pinterest, Tumblr, & Instagram. The team presented very helpful tips on how to market and promote products and services using Instagram and Pinterest. More than just sharing photos, Instagram and Pinterest are two […]

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