TBT – Black and White Designs from the Past

Here’s a little TBT – graphic design style. I was cleaning up my studio and I found some black and white pieces that I have done about 10 years ago. It definitely shows a progression from what I have done in the past to what I do right now.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

This piece below is one of my first corporate design jobs from a previous employer, Formosa Plastics. It’s a commemorative ad congratulating a customer’s anniversary. This was actually laid out in Quark (remember that?). It’s a simple black and white ad that was published on the customer’s program book.

These next few pieces were part of a class assignment. At that time, I went back to school to enhance my Adobe Creative Suite skills, particularly Illustrator. For this assignment, I designed a retro-style logo and business card for a fictitious movie theatre that shows classic films. Looking back, I should’ve changed the stair-like background from gradient to a solid color, but I took a risk.

To see my most recent design work, please go to my portfolio.

Build Your Career and Network through Professional Organizations

Last night, I went to a networking event hosted by NJ MarCom, a community of professionals in communications, marketing, advertising, creative and related fields within New Jersey. I was not only there to represent the organization I’m currently in (AWCNJ is a partner organization), but to also expand my network, promote my design and communications business, and see what other organizations that I would like to join.

Being a member of a professional organization is more than just networking and happy hour (even though they are always fun!). You get to learn from other professionals on how they become successful in their own careers, view any job opportunities that are out there, promote your business, and take part in any educational events that can help you grow and develop your skills.

Plus, organizations are always looking for volunteers interested in various roles such as event planning, marketing, communications, graphic design, membership, recruiting, and technology (i.e. web content management, social media). Volunteering can also lead to serving as a board member such as President or Vice President. Either way, having one of these fancy titles looks good on your resume, don’t you think?

So which organization is right for you? Here are some that you should look into (some of the organizations shown here originated from NJ).

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