Campaign: Internal Cyber Security Event


Designed and developed a communications campaign for an internal employee forum on cyber security where industry experts and special guests shared their insights and practical steps to keep information secure in a digital world.

How I did it:

  • Created an event page and registration form in SharePoint (1st image below)
  • Wrote copy for intranet article, employee newsletter and other email communications (2nd image below)
  • Designed promotional and marketing materials
Event page created in SharePoint
Intranet article promoting event

Links To See – Week of June 9, 2013

See what’s been going on this week.

  • Getting to Know Adobe Kuler (From yvenia)
  • Propel Your Freelance Biz Forward (From HOW Design)
  • Feeling Inspired? Check out these award winning designs. (From HOW Design)
  • Important Changes in the 2013 AP Stylebook (From Edelman Digital)
  • How Often Should You Post to Your Freelancing Business Blog? (From Freelance Folder)
  • Debenhams ‘No Photoshopping’ Pledge: Company Promises Never To Adjust Women’s Body Sizes (From Huffington Post)

Portfolio Update

After some late nights, I finally added some new pieces in my Portfolio page. The page has been reorganized by different categories (brochures, newsletters, banners, etc.). As always, it’s a work in progress and gets updated constantly (well starting today, of course, ha!). Definitely check it out here or click the Portfolio tab above.

The Future of Freelancing (from The Creative Group)

Are you ready to take the freelance plunge? The Creative Group created this infographic, including trends, tips and questions to consider before pursuing a consulting career.

freelancing, freelancing trends, hiring freelancers, consulting, consulting trends, hiring consultants

Design and Writing Portfolios Updated

I added plenty of links and some images for both the design and writing pages.


  • Added two design pieces from my current employer.


  • Added links to articles from, Yahoo Contributor.
  • One article from my current employer.
  • Three issues of a newsletter for a local Toastmasters club.

Added Some Banners…It’s Getting There!

Hey folks! I added some graphic banners for the Design and Writing Portfolio pages. You can check out the pages by clicking from the top navigation bar or go here:

As you can see, there’s still not a lot, but it’s getting there.

Plus, I even learned how to create a basic, fixed-width table. I don’t see anything in WordPress where you can press a button to create a table, but did a little research. If you’re interested in learning more, click here for the site where I learned about the fixed-width table.

I’m the type of person who likes the format to be even and clean. I’m not too crazy for the length of a sentence to be longer than the banner width (Just weird like that!).